“Sara says”

Few days ago, my daughter Sara, now 6 years old came to my bedroom while i was organising my clothes, looked at me and asked:
sara : mammie, are you going to cry when your grand-mother Ingrid will die?
Me: (my head is spinning with answers to give, i choose the truth) off course sweety i will cry. She is my grandmother, i will miss her and i will be sad to think that i won’t see her again.
Sara: but mammie, you know that nobody on earth lives for ever!! One day you will be older and i will be a mammie just like you, and i will have children, and one day you will also die. Et la vie continue mammie!! (life goes on!)
Me: …speechless…(i gave her a hug and held her very strongly in my arms…when did she become so wise?)

Amazing to listen to little people. They look at truth in such a simple way. And they have no fear of life or death. They just live in the moment. That is all what matters…

A lesson for all of us, who forgot to just Be.

Goodnight people and sweet dreams…



Step 25 to happ(y)ness

This morning I asked my kids what is happiness for them, here are the answers:

Sara: Happiness is when i can eat as much chocolate that i want!

Geo: Happiness is if I can see the 7 movies of Harry Potter in a row!

The funny part of their answer is that it relates to something they actually are forbidden to do (at least to the extent of their wishes). We love chocolate in our family, and do eat a lot of it, but it is strangely not enough for my little girl!

We are currently reading the books of Harry Potter and I have decided that they can watch the movie only after reading the book. We have read and seen the first one, and we need to read 100 pages to finalise the second one! That means that we are going to watch the movie in a week or so!

I remember that one of my biggest wishes when I was a kid (to fulfill happiness) was that I could eat as much ice-cream as I wanted when I grew up! My mother used to be strict about our eating habits;  sweets & ice-cream where a special treat, not part of our normal routine.

Bottom line: sometimes we think that happiness is linked to something we do not have, or can’t have. But is it? Will we be happy once we get that thing? or will we start wishing for something new ?

Time to teach the kids few things about happiness, while eating chocolate and watching Harry Potter movie!!! 🙂