Lebanon Mountain Trail inspires youth

Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) is a 440km long hiking trail connecting Lebanon’s northern villages by its most southern ones. The idea was born many years ago, and thousands of people have already marked their steps on that enchanting trail.

Map from lebanonmountaintrail.org
Map from http://www.lebanontrail.org

To maintain a clean and attractive trail, the LMT organizes punctual events where people, young and old, gather and clean up part of the trail.

Few weeks ago, a Lebanese school called Melkart participated with one of their classes in cleaning up part of the trail in Baskinta area (part 15 on the map) from its thousand empty gun shells, gathering no less than 50 bags of shells in only two hours! Indeed a wonderful achievement, making young people aware of the disastrous state of neglect in some places, and the continuous effort that it entitles to sustain their country with a minimum of cleanness.

LMTA - Melkart 1 2013 _DSC7059 Jpeg for web LMTA - Melkart 1 2013 _DSC7084 Jpeg for web LMTA - Melkart 1 2013 _DSC7089 Jpeg for web LMTA - Melkart 1 2013 _DSC7111 Jpeg for web LMTA - Melkart 1 2013 _DSC7116 Jpeg for web LMTA - Melkart 1 2013 _DSC7123 Jpeg for web LMTA - Melkart 1 2013 _DSC7146 Jpeg for web LMTA - Melkart 1 2013 _DSC7168 Jpeg for web

Educating kids, creating awareness around the need in their country to act for the environment, making them interested in Lebanese villages, mountains and valleys can only be motivating and positive for them. I hope more of those initiatives will be included in school programs in Lebanon. We desperately need to shape the mind of the youth, who are still open minded and eager to learn and participate.

If you wish to read more about the LMT, why don’t you click HERE  or be a fan of their Facebook Page or  Facebook Group, where you can find info regarding the different trails, how to be a member, a sponsor, a volunteer or just to connect with other hike lovers!

All Pictures in this post are taken by the LMT.


“sara says”

Kids have a wonderful way of seeing the world, it is refreshing, pure, simple and i just love it.

Sharing my kids’ (Georges (7 years) and Sara (5 years)) sayings with you is a way of reminding you of the simplicity of life.


Sara says: what are you doing mommy?

Me: I am writing

Sara: what are you writing?

Me: it is called a blog

Sara: what is a blog?

Me: It is a place where i write about my thoughts, what i like, what inspires me

Sara: Oh, I know, it is like a secret diary but for everyone to see?

Me: hm… clever little girl…

a clever girl...


This image says it all, don’t you think?

When was the last time you had fun? plain old FUN?

I am lucky to have two great  kids that adore having fun, and being with them just make me more funny and creative. Especially when it comes to answering their questions; for example when my 5-year-old daughters is looking for me in every single room of the house, calls me with a voice going crescendo, finally finds me on the balcony watering my plants, looks at me and asks: where did you go?

I look at her with big eyes and answer: I took a space shuttle and went to the moon for a brief moment, but then decided to come back because I was too lonely! My daughter is not sure if I am serious or not, pauses for a second then bursts into giggles… watching her eyes sparkle and her crystal laughter is a moment of pure happiness…

Fun means seeing life with humour, giggling, laughing, and feeling like a bubble deep inside.

the magic of Christmas…

a typical playful elf!

This month is a great month; a special Christmas elf comes to visit us everyday until Christmas day, and brings funny little presents for the younger members of the family. The first day he brought a snowball to each one of my kids; with a name tag.

magical snow ball

My 5 year old daughter looked mesmerised at me and asked with her most serious voice; how did “le lutin” (elf in french) know my name? and how did he find out where i live, and how does he know what i like?

So many intelligent questions from a young and pure spirit. Wishing to maintain this magical moment, i could only answer that Elfs have special gifts, and work very hard to make all children happy, and thus knew every child in and out.

My daughter then replied: but what about the children who don’t have a Christmas tree like ours, and a nice home? how can the elfs find them and still shower them with nice gifts?

My heart melted with pride; she was not too spoiled after all, and had a place in her heart and mind for other people less fortunate than her.

I promised her that we would try to make someone happy this year, someone who didn’t necessarily have a Home; a Christmas tree and Parents to take care of them. She beamed and then gave me the most precious gift of all; a huge hug and a “Je t’adore mammie”.

voila… let us think of others and make a child dream and smile.