random thoughts

instant life

While ironing my clothes, thoughts wander in and out my brain, some of them stay, some don’t. Same thing when doing the dishes.. as if I suddenly can separate my brain from my actual doing, not focusing on the here and now, mind you still washing and ironing, but in the same time day-dreaming and … Continue reading


step 22 to happ(y)ness

One of the greatest things in life is to be able to say: I have lived. And that entitles a life where you have loved, cried, laughed, jumped into the unkown, tried something new, learned a lot, lost, suffered, angered, disappointed your nearest, made them proud, broke the rules… Life teaches you what love is, … Continue reading

random thoughts

Have fun…

To some of us life is sometimes very long, to other it is very short… I once had a wonderful chat with Mrs. Jonson, my 85 year old neighbor in Denmark. We were sitting in the common garden of our building talking about life and about her beloved husband with Alzheimer, who was living in … Continue reading