weekly photo challenge: OLD

my 93-year-old grandmother!

My daughter keeps saying that Ingrid is not old!!! I guess she doesn’t like the expression OLD. But my grandmother is OLD. She is 93. She is a wonderful women, full of life, practical, productive, hard working, always on the move. So Sara is right in saying that she is not OLD, she behaves as if she was 50. Her mind is still the same as 30 years ago. She didn’t change an ounce. Her personality is the same. She loves to spend time in her country house. She loves her grandchildren. She used to have dogs. She walks everyday, even with her walker. She likes orchids.

Being old is only on the outside. Her body is loosing its functions, one by one. But her heart is still strong, she says!

God bless her. Hope we all can age like her, with a sparkle in the eye and a sharp mind!


Friday’s 3 lovely things

rainbow over beirut

The other day while strolling in the streets of Beirut with my son, we saw the most beautiful rainbow over the ruined buildings of Beirut.  These rainbows always get to me. They are fabulous and amazing and dream like. My son asked me if we could find the end of it, for that is where the treasures are found. We looked in the sky and tried to follow its course, only to realize that the rainbow ended in our neighborhood!!! Probably over our home!! nice, no?

"it shouldn't hurt to be a child"

Graffiti on walls, facing the Sodeco Square center. I really liked it. It has a powerful message, and focuses on our children. As a mother of two, I couldn’t but help notice it, and wonder what the artists have been through. Sad but real.

the next cultural center of beirut! (in 100 hundred years!)

This is one of my favourite building in Beirut. It has so much history, it is owned by at least 7 different families who can’t seem to get along and decide on its use. It has been standing in all its broken glory for the last 20 years. There is a national and common wish to preserve it. Lately a yellow banner officially calls it the the next “museum  and urban cultural center of Beirut”. That sounds great. We shall wait and see. My experience with those projects is not very positive. There is a sad tendency to remove all remains of a beautiful past and build high rising towers, with no charm nor history. Lets hope this building gets a royal treatment.