what are YOU doing to make things better?

what r u doing

I found this on Paint Up’s  facebook page,  a great group promoting street art activities in Beirut, where colours are the main focus. The latest trend is to colour stairs in all sorts of bold colours, which is spreading the good vibes on the Beiruti street scene.

This questions however was not found in Lebanon (but through the net), and made me think; what do I do to make things better… It is actually a very profound question, but can also be interpreted on a softer level, as what do i do TODAY to make things better…

Planning my day ahead of time is my top priority. I am usually a spontaneous person, that would go with the flow, which means my to do list gets longer and longer every day, as I don’t stick to it and don’t focus too much on the tasks! However, creating these lists makes me calmer and less stressed and gives me a feel of control.

Today is more or less going as planned, which suddenly gave me extra time to write this post! Deep inside I am scared that sticking religiously to a list and a plan will remove the fun bohemian part of the day, but I am finally discovering that planning WELL, can give you extra FREE time that could be enjoyed doing more creative things!!!

So; my question to you today is: what are YOU doing to make things better???


Colours in Beirut

Inspired by this wonderful project by Dihzahyners Paint Up, i gathered some of my colorful pictures of Beirut (and realised that I need to get out there and shoot some pics very soon!). Dihzahyners  finalised a great project, painting a public stair in the area of Mar Mikhael, see for yourself the result!

by paint up!

Those who know me personally would nod to this post, as i am a big fan of colours! My home has splashes of red, turquoise and raspberry! My wardrobe, the same (except the last few months where i have strangely been drawn to greys and blacks).

Beirut is getting known for lack of Green spaces and overload of concrete. And yes that is true, but you can always choose what to look at and how full your glass should be. My teacher at university once told us: You choose from which eye-glasses you want to see the world, and then work with that image. I choose to see the colours and the pretty images out there…

so enjoy…