My Paris in Black & White

Just a quick black/white view of romantic Paris from our 4 days trip, end of 2012!

I love it!


farewell 2012, from Paris

I don’t know about you, but when my husband mentioned the word Paris a month ago, I jumped with delight! New Year in Paris! A surprise which furthermore added twinkles in the eyes of our kids who dreamed of traveling to a country where everybody spoke french!…

Few days after Christmas, off we flew 2.800 km to the city of lights. The weather was stable, no rain and few clouds! The city was packed with people who apparently had the same idea! Spending few days in Paris! People standing in line for hours to visit monuments, museums, restaurants and movie theaters…Amazingly patient and still smiling after more than an hour of waiting!

The city is precious to visit. Transportation is easy by metro, RER and busses. Nevertheless, you end up walking a lot, underground, and taking many stairs! Great work out!

The list of things we saw is endless.. Here are some snapshots.. I hope you will enjoy looking at them…

Mini Eiffel Tours


L’Arc de Triomphe by night…


The real Eiffel TowerDSCN0233

Another stunning vision of the tower, all twinklyDSCN0236

Pretty church in pretty streetsDSCN0252

lovely shop decorationDSCN0256

around the corner…DSCN0257

stunning lightDSCN0262

some Christmas deco at Grand PalaisDSCN0278

lots of candy at Le Marche de Noel, by Les Champs ElyseesDSCN0296

La Grande Roue with a beautiful view of ParisDSCN0349

the view from UPDSCN0355

more gorgeous viewDSCN0360


Paris roof tops & Sacre CoeurDSCN0363

an amazed daughter…DSCN0368

very plump birds of Paris!DSCN0381

pretty french doorDSCN0384

a well deserved rest at Petit Palais (walking in Paris can be exhausting!)DSCN0395

Jardin des plantes with its fabulous collection of greeneryDSCN0417

La geode and its 7 dimensional movie theaterDSCN0454

“I smoke outside but drink inside!”


Lovely metro signsshot_1356874341343

Ice skating at Grand Palais! What a treat!shot_1356955260746

New Year at Les Champs Elysees (the biggest crowd ever!)shot_1356974576737

preparing for a crazy night (every shop closed at 6pm that evening and closed their front window with wood!)shot_1356979837095

Happy New Year to all… May 2013 be rich in peace, growth, health, and humanity…