I have previously written about our instant life (here).. and yes, with technology many things (nearly) becomes instant; news, comments, information, coffee, photos, blogging, sms’ing…

But let us not forget that life is a long-term project, including loads of other long-term projects. This is where we have to remember that TIME must take its course, and we need to let TIME work…It took me three years to get over my heartbreak…It took me years to re-learn the Arabic language, to speak it nearly fluently and to be able to read and understand an Arabic newspaper without asking the meaning of every other word. It took me many attempts to learn to drive and get my driving license at the age of 24. It is taking me a lifetime to learn to detach and let go from relationships that drain my energy (still working on that)…

…and it will take time to lose the weight that I have been wanting to lose for many years now.

…it will also take time to write the book that is currently in my head, wanting desperately to be printed.

…and it will take time to educate my kids and make them independent, as each development requires a new area of expertise, thus needing new thinking and new decision-making.

Here are the source for my thoughts today:

The first one is this sweet reminder I read on Decathlon Lebanon’s facebook page :

smmer bodies

Yes, it takes time (and effort!!) to get into that gorgeous swimsuit body!

And the second is a quote from this lovely children’s book, called L’enfant des Cedres (The child and the cedars) written by Lebanese author Desiree Sadek, that my son brought with him this weekend from the school library;

l'enfant des cedres 2

“How long time will it take to see the cedars fully grown?” asked the little girl. Little boy Nabil answered: ” The time it needs” (in french: le temps qu’il faudra).

What a wonderful answer. I tend to forget that life and living take their own time, and at some point, when it is time, things will happen…The secret is to trust, live and see time do its work…

So, today when in a hurry or if being impatient, take a moment to remember what Nabil said, and let TIME take its due course. Let Time be your friend, not your enemy.

Have a wonderful week…


instant life

While ironing my clothes, thoughts wander in and out my brain, some of them stay, some don’t. Same thing when doing the dishes.. as if I suddenly can separate my brain from my actual doing, not focusing on the here and now, mind you still washing and ironing, but in the same time day-dreaming and even making quite interesting associations. This is one of them, you might not find it interesting, but had to write and share!

We live in an instant world, we crave instant love, instant recognition, instant coffee, instant “likes”, instant friends, instant power, instant “how to”, instant methods, not to mention instagram! where instant photos are uploaded instantly, and liked instantly by a whole strange global universal community, that connects merely via their phone, without ever seeing and meeting each other, but by knowing every move you make and record with your instant phone-camera…

How did we arrive to that? same thing when you are zapping through your 99 tv channels, looking for instant entertainment, amusement, news…We are hooked on the quick fix, on the here and now, on the very short planning, on jumping to success, by saving the maximum of time, by skipping steps and hoping that this won’t affect the outcome.

What happened to waiting for the coffee to brew and spreading its aroma, what happened to eating strawberries in July (you can have them all year long now!), what happened to healing from a cold by resting instead of filling ourselves with freaking antibiotics that end up ruining our immune system?

When did we forget that loosing weight needs time, when baking a cake needs time, when learning a language needs time, when creating a relationship needs time, when making a business needs time, education and bringing up kids needs loads of time…. Patience is becoming a weird concept, something our children are not learning, because everything around them is a constant movement, information swirling in high speed mode.

Patience used to be a virtue… a quality… a good thing.. and I am missing it in my life. I like instant, but i think it makes my life more superficial, less deep, more fun, less constructive, more full, less focused…patience einsteinpatience 3



on this note, i will only say one thing:

take your time…”

Patience & me

Funny how life makes you go through stages and makes you wonder what on earth just happened…Few days ago, my patience was nowhere to be found, vanished, disappeared, gone. It happened when i needed it the most. After spending 8 hours with my kids (whom i adore), I had enough of their constant fighting and bickering. One wrong move from the eldest provoked an avalanche of anger from my part. Honestly, who was that women shouting and exhausted? Unfortunately it was me. I then remember “anger management”, the brilliant movie with Jack Nicholson & Adam Sandler, and  I thought, maybe that is what i need!!! Until I got very valuable advices from my sweet friends:

“Being a good parents doesn’t mean you need to be a perfect one

“Go do some sport (preferably martial art!) that would channel your “tension””


Lower your expectations

Eat chocolate” (that is my own advice, it helps, but not in the long run…your butt will remember!)

Accept that things are not always the way we want them to be “

need to print this one in LARGE!


Basically impatience stems from an unfulfilled need to control the situation; whether it is related to being stuck in traffic, kids fighting, hunger, tiredness, stress. Impatience can be dealt with if we acknowledge The WHY behind the state. Once we understand the why, we can start treating it, instead of reacting to it and thus feel hopeless and without control.

And some wise quotes to make us wiser…
A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation. Moliere
Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emerson