on my way to vacation…


A year has passed since we last spent our summer vacation in Denmark!

And now is the time again.

Luggage are being prepared (mostly warm clothes as the summer has not graced Denmark yet), animals are being dispatched to sweet friends and family that will take care of them (one dog, three sea turtles and three fish), plants are being spread to neighbors and concierge, cupboards are being emptied for food (time to eat the organic frozen chicken!)…

I am slowly getting prepared to walk in green areas, riding buses and metros, chatting with my old friends over endless cups of tea, sitting talking to my 94 year old grand-mother (hoping yet again that this will not be the last encounter with her), spending time with my cousins, showing my kids the endless parks and playgrounds…

Simple vacation where friends, family and nature are on the menu are my favourite.. that is where we recharge our batteries, get inspired and breathe…



And for those less privileged than I, have a lovely summer, where ever you are…


Back to blogging!

Vacation is good!

So good that it is taking me ages to reconnect to “real”  life!

This year we took 5 weeks off our life in Beirut and spent them in Denmark, with our family and friends. (Details will follow in new posts). Five weeks is a long time to be away. It is long enough to help you disconnect totally and recharge your very flat batteries (mine were below 0 when i left!). But it might be too long if you want to resume “real” life and get on with it! during 40 days, the mind gets new habits, new thoughts and suddenly new wishes are placed in your heart. Returning to home becomes difficult, slow and sometimes complicated.

Summertime in Denmark brings you peace & oxygen. Two valuable things that we do lack in Beirut. Kids are happy to walk in a garden and explore. I am happy watching them while reading a magazine or watering plants. Cooking becomes a relaxed and good moment.Sleeping during vacation is also a joy; because you know that next day will be the same as today and you have no worries, no deadlines, no waking up early.. just sleep in…

Here are some snapshots from delightful moments and pretty things in Denmark. Maybe they will inspire you to spend some time off in a green place…

my friend's romantic cottage
green alleys everywhere giving a sense of peace and order...
My friend's home (on the 4th fl.) that she gracefully lent us for 2 weeks
waiting patiently for the ducks and swans to arrive
blue fluted porcelain from Royal Copenhagen, with a delicious lemon cake..
a walk on the beach of Northern Denmark was one of our best outings
sometimes walking barefoot was even a bigger thrill
pink crooked house for the dentist of the village
best times are spent above ground in a wooden cabin
"Kik forbi" means pass by; lovely shop with lovely things in the middle of nowhere
was my son trying to get one last capture of the green grass?
magical rainbow
blissful moment

That is all for now…more to come on a very regular basis!!!

Keep reading and I will keep posting…and thank you for spreading Leelouz World to the rest of the world!

5 great things during our next vacation in Copenhagen

see & be in lots of GREEN spaces

a park in Copehagen, with ducks wandering...

spending hours with my danish friends and family

special people...

taking the bus (in stead of driving in heavy traffic in Beirut)

danish buses are cool!

spending time in cabins in the mids of nature

my friend Mette's lovely cottage in DK

waking up whenever we want and sleeping whenever we feel like it & wherever we want!

no sleeping pattern...

hope your summer will be filled with happy, funny, yummy and sweet moments as well!!

For the next 2 months, I will be posting less as i will be in 5 different locations with very little connectivity! My mind and pc will be resting but will be reboosted with hopefully loads of  inspirational ideas from Danish horizons…