weekly photo challenge: Water

corniche of Beirut, low tides

Blues & greens, a stunning combination, peaceful yet wild. I love the Mediterranean sea…


weekly photo challenge: OLD

my 93-year-old grandmother!

My daughter keeps saying that Ingrid is not old!!! I guess she doesn’t like the expression OLD. But my grandmother is OLD. She is 93. She is a wonderful women, full of life, practical, productive, hard working, always on the move. So Sara is right in saying that she is not OLD, she behaves as if she was 50. Her mind is still the same as 30 years ago. She didn’t change an ounce. Her personality is the same. She loves to spend time in her country house. She loves her grandchildren. She used to have dogs. She walks everyday, even with her walker. She likes orchids.

Being old is only on the outside. Her body is loosing its functions, one by one. But her heart is still strong, she says!

God bless her. Hope we all can age like her, with a sparkle in the eye and a sharp mind!

Weekly Photo Challenge: ” Shadow”

graffiti in Beirut {photo by me}

This week the photo challenge is “shadow”. Obviously we all think of shadows on the street, shadows of trees when the sun goes down, our shadows when walking, kids playing with lights and making funny figures with their hands…

My entry is more symbolic; these are the shadows of children that might have suffered, or will still be suffering in one way or the other. The shadows are stuck to these walls, a reminder and wake up call for all passers by…

What do you think?

weekly photo challenge: REFUGE

best place to be for a goat during summer!

Refuge means so many things.. First it got me thinking of a church, a refuge for the soul…Then I thought of an umbrella or a parasol, where we seek refuge from water and heat…

As I was browsing my pictures, I found this fine sweet goat, which was seeking refuge from children and passer-by, during a summer festival in Denmark…I wanted to sit beside it and watch the people walk by…

Mr goat seemed content, don’t you think?

Weekly Photo Challenge: BOUNDARIES

A new challenge from WordPress.com; a weekly photo picturing the weekly theme! i love the idea already.. need to come up with something crazy! or funky! or sweet! Something very “leelouesk”!!!

I aksed my 7 year old what he thought I should use as a photo for the word boundaries; he was silent for a little moment and said: take a picture of the clouds, they are limiting our sky!

So I did, and here is the picture: