the colour turquoise

{flower pic by cassia beck, talbots julianne moore, fishermen in lebanon by arthus-bertrand}

I have a thing for this colour; turquoise, or aqua…it is serene, peaceful, lovely, feminine…

If you take a stroll in the old streets of Beirut, you will discover many doors, wooden shutters and windows are painted in different shades of turquoise and aqua…

photos of beirut by Leelou

and more aqua…

streets of ashrafieh, beirut, photos by leelou

Lovely isn’t it? do you have these colours in your streets?

Or do you like it for your accessories?

or in your home?

For more inspiration visit these two sites House of Turquoise (a blogger passionate about this colour, sharing literary EVERYTHING turquoise) and Everything Turquoise (a site selling Everything Turquoise).

How Cool is that?


13 thoughts on “the colour turquoise

  1. Love your pictures cara…well i would paint a room in aqua, decorate a lifeless room with aqua accents, wear aqua jewelry….lol!! love the color!

  2. I loooove ANY shade of blue, but aqua is a favorite for me too:)
    Blue is the best colour in the world if you ask me.
    So clean, calm and yet so vibrant.
    It has always been my very favorite colour:)

  3. Leila I love this color too very much! Once I rad in Annahar Newspaper that this color has a very good effect through History, especially with the Pharons in Egypt…I will try to pick it up again, because back then, I kept the article for my Archive!.

    1. Hi Nessrine,
      I am sure it has a good effect!!! I would love to paint one room aqua (used to have it in my parents house)… yalla make something aqua!!!

  4. A Q U A, water, water source of life….no wonder it can have this tranqualizing effect……had never thought about it before……always preferred earthy colours!!! Will definately look at A Q U A in a very different way from now on…

  5. Some different shades of blue:

    Sky Blue — This color expresses constancy, fidelity and love. By doing so, it enables a person wearing these colors to overcome obstibles through a sense of peace and calm. Sky Blue also promotes fantasy and imagination and is the favorite color for baby boys rooms and clothing.

    Azure Blue — This is the favorite color of people who are content with life, as long as it has some specific goals. People who prefer this color have the attitude that “the journey is better than the destination” and they enjoy the quest so much that, if they achieve it, they quickly invent a new goal to pursue.

    Pale Blue — This color speaks of gentleness and the striving for a great cause. It will often be the color of surgeons or hospital staff working in and around the operating room. It is the color of the United Nations Peace Keeping troops and certain religious orders. People who prefer this color are announcing to everyone that they have an important task to achieve and that they are absolutely determined to to succeed.

    Dark Blue — Despite this being the favorite color of formal attire, Dark Blue shows a lack of ability to communicate. The color signifies repressed feelings and wearing it often indicates the presence of needless anxieties and a lack of trust for others.

  6. …lovely! r u sure it s in beirut??:) for a min i lost track n i thougt i was somewhere in greece:) then of course, the typical house architecture. well, m happy we actually can find these colours in our city.! if only it became part of some urban design not only r eyes would b more fullfilled with calming beauty but we would never again on the roads. m grateful you got to catch these little beauty shots:)

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